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Baby Chamber Music  

Luistergoed brings to you and your baby a first encounter with live classical music performed by professional musicians, in an inspiring intimate and playful setting. Together with your child, you'll be able to enjoy beautiful works of famous composers but also listen to improvisations played by the invited artists. After the performance, there will be extra time to meet the musicians and their instruments and to play with the Luistergoed materials. 

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Matilde's baby concerten
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Teresa Matias, Flute
Isabel Vaz, Cello
Matilde Castro, Various instruments

Age group: Babies 0 up to 15 months (if children are a little older but are able to sit quietly for a while on your lap, then they are also welcome!)


Time: 10:30/ 11:30


Price: €25,00 (1 baby + max. 2 caregivers)

Location: Hygiëastraat 8, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

Note that there is a very limited number of tickets! Online reservation and payment in advance is compulsory. 

There are still:
spots at 10:30 
spots at 11:30 

Groups will only go on with a minimum of 8 children. 

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